Monday, 25 April 2011

my atheist of a husband

I would like to share a funny thing that happened yesterday, Easter Sunday.

My atheist of a husband, when I called him that morning, greeted me with a very cheerful at malutong na:
"Good morning, mahal! HAPPY EASTER!"

I stared at the phone for a while and then I went like "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???!" (imitating the infamous tone of one of Gru's little yellow minion from the computer-animated film Despicable Me).

Yes, because he won't even greet me Merry Christmas and now he's suddenly talking Easter! I didn't even know it was already Easter Sunday! LOL!

I almost asked him if he hit his head somewhere or was abducted by aliens but then he laughed out loud and said:

"So...where are my chocolates?"

Ahh... now there's the catch. Whew!!!

I was able to breath normally again. No matter the differences between my husband and I's belief, I adore him just as he is and would never dream of changing him. I can't help it, I love everything about him. Even the supposed to be imperfections become cute attractive things because they just add up to his appeal. Well, at least to me. Maybe because I just really love him so much. Maybe because he is so nice to me... To which he responds: "Naturally, because you're my wife." (and this totally gets me, every time. ^_^ ) 

I guess, though, on the other hand, that to those Jehova witnesses or Iglesya ni Kristo folks to whose faces he slammed the door before they could even finish a greeting, I'm probably talking gibberish. LOL! Siguro dapat sinermunan ko siya about it kasi it wasn't a very nice thing to do, kaso natatawa lang ako paano he actually enjoyed what he did. I must be crazy but there was just something so funny about that scene... something eccentrically funny about it despite the fact that it seems kinda evil...(he could have just NOT answered the door when they knocked. Instead he took pleasure in opening the door and slamming it close on their smiling faces.) I could almost imagine those people's  jaw-dropped shocked expression. xD Sigurado, 'yung mga nainsulto nang todo, may pa-emote pang pagpapagpag ng mga sandalyas nila paglabas nila ng gate. Haaaaaayyyy...

Oh well. That's about it. Inaantok na ko. Tapos na ang dear diary moments ko.
I'm about to crash in





Mr. Tripster said...

hahaha! The world would crash kung sinabi pa niya na born-again na rin siya. hahahaha! no offense to my fellow Christian brothers! hahaha!

Why are you so addicted with your husband? My gosh! I can't see myself being overwhelmed by my girlfriend's presence. Sigh, perhaps i'm just greedy and narcissistic (did i spell that right?)....

Blue Bird said...

tinatanong pa ba yun??? balik ko sayo...why are you so addicted to politics??? kaw na mismo nagsabi...kanya-kanyang trip yan. it just so happens na ang paborito kong pagtripan (in a positive way) ay ang love na love kong asawa.
the answer is obvious and simple. the "trip" of our lives makes us happy.

Mr. Tripster said...

How i wish i could be addicted to somebody. But the truth is they're the ones addicted to me. hahahaha! kafal ng mukha!

But i'm happy for you kasi you have an object of your desire. Me, i just get this orgasmic sensation during privilege speeches of some ugly senators and parliamentary debates. My gosh, sometimes i just hate my life. hahahaha!