Saturday, 19 March 2011

Never You

I never thought I’d feel this way
Never expected such bitter pain
From the moment we met ‘til that fateful day
I never thought life could be so grey...

I was often told that if I’d give my heart
It should be to someone who won’t break it apart
For our heart is fragile and one of a kind
And spare parts are impossible to find...

I never really believed it could be so true
In fact I never thought you could hurt me too
You were always there for me when I feel blue
No one could make me happy the way you do...

Then you let my heart fall and it shattered to pieces
I picked it up and offered it again, with promises
I ignored my pride, my dignity and all that
I just knew in heart something else is more important...

Now I have you again, it was worth that sacrifice
But my heart still aches, I was hurt too much
I knew some people can wound me so bad
But not you...never you...
To whom I entrusted my heart

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