Saturday, 21 May 2011

Tawanan ang problema --- mY ass!

   Tawanan ang problema?
 Whoever invented that shit definitely has loose wirings in his brain.

Laughing it off doesn't solve it and neither does it make you feel better. It does nothing but makes you look like you're losing your some crazy old clown, all made-up he doesn't even look like himself anymore, all smiley-faced running around carrying an illusion that everything's great and rainbow-colored but when the show ends all that's left is a tired soul and a hollow laugh echoing through a theatre as empty as his heart...

It's sad and creepy at the same time, like some ageless old porcelain doll in a corner of an abandoned antique house.

On second thought...

It's just plain creepy.

Oh, was supposed to be 

the Day of the End the World.

Now that's funny. 

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