Friday, 20 May 2011

New Dawn of the Elven Kings

Ride fast and swift, oh fearless phantom,
Ride as reckless and free as the wind,
Rejoice, fallen Earth, for the tidings
Nectar- sweet that this messenger brings!

Ride fast and swift, oh restless warrior,
Mind not that those hidden ears may hear.
May your voice be heard on all corners
Of the earth, up above, or under.

“Hail! The Elven Kings have now risen
From so deep and yet troubled slumber
Hail! The Elven Kings shall ride once more,
Mending the Earth their young brothers tore…

They bring back the Wind with soft whisper…
A single caress, sweet and tender
heals wounds Mother Earth had to suffer
from those who have lusted after her.

The Elven Kings ride for new battle
Armed with songs of undiluted joy,
Clothed in pure white threads, and no armor
but love from Mother Earth’s sweet bosom.

New flowers bloom as their naked feet
Kiss the soil that has once been fertile,
A gentle song, her own lullaby,
Slowly unearths her forgotten smile.”


Ride fast and ride swift, oh blessed soul,
Waste not a single moment on woe...
The Earth is dying, she needs to hear
Songs of the first-borns she holds most dear.


Mr. Tripster said...

Lovely poem. Parang katulad sa mga poets ng Romanticism period. It actually reminds me of a poem my Christina Rosetti. Yung style niya parang ganito dun sa poem niya ng Goblin Market...

Blue Bird said...

trips, favor naman...can you please translate this in a decent italian? Mabababoy kasi pag ako ang gumawa... Please ha? engot kasi amo ko, tamad magbasa ng english kahit marunong naman...

Mr. Tripster said...

Sorry, just saw your comment...

I'll try pero di ko mapapangako na masubmit ko agad....